29 08, 2016

Bill would end criminalizing children for prostitution

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California would no longer prosecute minors for prostitution under a bill in the state Legislature, a move law enforcement agencies say would make it more difficult to prosecute pimps. Supporters of SB1322 say many children caught selling sex are the victims of human traffickers and that prosecuting them for prostitution is not the appropriate or [...]

26 08, 2016

Study: These are the peak times for divorce

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There's long been evidence that there are certain times of year that are popular for divorce. But passive-aggressive Facebook drama isn't exactly quantifiable data, so a new study from the University of Washington has provided some actual numbers to support the trend. Researchers from the university plotted the number of divorce filings in Washington state [...]

26 08, 2016

5 Reasons Why Alimony Should Be Reduced or Terminated if You’re Living With Someone

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1. If you are living with someone else, your financial need has likely been reduced or eliminated, thereby reducing or eliminating your need for spousal support. 2. If you are living with someone else, accepting (or taking) spousal support is, in essence, double-dipping. 3. If you are living with someone else, while receiving spousal support, [...]

23 08, 2016

The App That Helps Divorced Parents Fight About Money

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Sheri Atwood is the rare Silicon Valley entrepreneur whose pitch includes intimate details about her family—namely, how it was broken up. Twice. “My parents had a horrific divorce,” says the 36-year-old former Symantec Corp. executive. “It felt like the only time they communicated was in court—and when it had to do with money.” Her own divorce [...]

23 08, 2016

4 Million Voices: Giving Hope to Survivors of Domestic Violence

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I will never forget the first time I answered a phone call on behalf of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. I was covering the lines so that our staff could enjoy our annual holiday party. The call was from a microbiologist who was in an abusive relationship. She kept saying, “How did I get here? [...]

23 08, 2016

Summer Vacations Can Lead to Divorce

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The post-vacation hangover may be dangerous for your marriage. Filings for divorce spike twice a year, in March and August, according to a new study. University of Washington sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidate Brian Serafini found divorce filings seem to follow the annual schedule of family holidays: lowest in November and December, then [...]

16 08, 2016

A Look at How Social Media is Impacting Divorce Cases

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Most people with a smartphone are constantly tapped into some form of social media. Sharing cute pictures of kids and pets is simply a routine part of life these days. Some people even use social media to vent frustrations or look for advice. In a divorce case, however, shares on social media can create ample [...]

15 08, 2016

Breadwinning Women Are Driving Alimony Reform

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3% of all alimony recipients are men. When alimony reform comes to Florida, it may be too late for Tarie MacMillan, a 65-year-old who runs a jewelry business near Tampa. MacMillan was ordered to pay her ex-husband $7,000 a month 15 years ago. Even so, she has joined the crusade to lobby state legislators to [...]

15 08, 2016

Men Without Full-Time Jobs Are 33% More Likely to Divorce

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Jobs have a greater effect on marriage than money, says study What causes marriages to crumble? Each couple is a little different of course, but are there specific work and financial pressures that seem to have a bigger effect on the soundness of any given union than another? A spate of new research says there [...]

8 08, 2016

How to protect your financial apps from getting hacked

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There's been no shortage of high-profile hacks over the last few years — think Target, Sony and Ashley Madison — but one sector that hasn't made as much news for breaches is financial. According to the Identify Theft Resource Center, out of the 781 data breaches tracked in the United States in 2015, just 71 [...]