31 05, 2016

5 Things Not To Expect Going Through Divorce

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If there is one thing that everyone can agree upon when it comes to divorce, it’s that it is predictably unpredictable. Just when you think you have it figured out (to some degree) and you are on the path of recovery — wham! You walk right into another wall that leaves you feeling disillusioned, confused, [...]

27 05, 2016

Managing Your Finances When You’re Separated

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You're in limbo. If you and your husband or wife are separated, you may feel like you're divorced, but you are actually very married. This means that you may be emotionally split from your spouse, and perhaps living in two separate locations, but your money is still likely very much intertwined. And while managing your [...]

23 05, 2016

Getting Remarried? How To Avoid The Marriage Tax Penalty

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Love is said to be lovelier the second time around, but for an increasing number of older Americans, that second time around doesn’t always include re-tying the knot. In fact, people age 50 and up are the fastest-growing group of unmarried couples. There were 3.3 million Americans over 50 in “cohabiting relationships” in 2013, according [...]

23 05, 2016

No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage

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Three years ago, my husband and I broke up after two decades of marriage. Our path since has been so gentle that we have been the cause of confusion and gossip in our little Colorado mountain town. Both of our cars are often in the driveway, meals are frequently eaten together and logistics make it [...]

20 05, 2016

3 Ways the Child Support System Rips Apart Families

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Ideally, the child support system should ensure all the financial necessities needed to raise a child are covered, with both parents providing fair and adequate contributions. However, time and time again the system fails in this regard. In fact, because of a number of outdated gender biases that still pervade family courts, the system often [...]

17 05, 2016

Top 5 Reasons a Divorce Lawyer May Turn Down Your Case

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5. You curse repeatedly during the initial consultation. Divorce law is already tense and difficult enough. Lawyers must manage their cases as well as their clients' emotions. But it is not what we are good at or what we want to do, so if from the first instance, our potential client cannot remain somewhat calm [...]

16 05, 2016

Prenuptial Agreements Are on the Rise, And More Women Are Requesting Them

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Prenuptial Agreements Are on the Rise, And More Women Are Requesting Them If you think prenups are just for celebrities or the super wealthy, think again. According to a new survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), 63 percent of divorce attorneys say they’ve seen an increase in prenuptial agreements during the past [...]

12 05, 2016

Should You Get Married (Or Divorced) For Tax Reasons?

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I was super excited about doing my taxes this year. I got married last June and couldn’t wait to exercise that most glorious privilege of matrimony — the ability to file jointly. But after my wife and I filled out our tax return, I wondered … did we actually save any money, or did we, [...]

10 05, 2016

8 Fights Divorced People Regret Having (Or Not Having) While Married

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It’s never just about the dirty dishes in the sink or forgetting to drop the kids off at soccer. When you’re married, the arguments you get into have history: You’re peeved that he left the dishes in the sink because he knows it bothers you and yet, he did it again. Each fight becomes the latest salvo [...]

10 05, 2016

Is Your Career Going To Get You Divorced? [Infographic]

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There are a lot of considerations to make when choosing a career, but most people don’t consider divorce to be among them. That may be a mistake, however, since there does seem to be an appreciable difference in the divorce rates of certain careers. Celebrities aren’t even at the top of the list, surprisingly, though [...]